Direct Mail is King and the trends for 2023 are showing that this will continue to be so!

Here are some factors that show that direct mail is on the rise and also what every business can look forward to:

  1. The amount of direct mail has increased over 33% since 2020 and continues to grow as Millennials and Gen Z consumers look for simpler advertising media – offline.
  2. Direct mail can be more personalized – and custom direct mail campaigns helps consumers feel more connected and personal than digital ads. Use images and content that are relevant to your target market and make sure you’re hitting the right homes with your message as well.
  3. Utilize technology that bridges print and digital – like implementing QR codes – to your direct mail campaigns. Whether it’s on a postcard or inside a direct mail publication, like Buddy Mail, QR codes can easily lead the consumer to your website. This helps the consumer connect with you, learn about your company, products, services, see photos of your work (if applicable). Plus, leading traffic to your website directly – you can later remarket to these consumers based on their online behaviors.

Southern Utah Advertising can help your company with a variety of direct mail projects. Whether you’re looking to be included in a shared mailer, like Buddy Mail, or mail a custom direct mail postcard campaign, send out letters with variable data or even custom magazines for your business or organization – we can help you with all your print and direct mail needs.

Look for a strategic direct mail mix to be the trend for 2023! Testing both a shared mail piece as well as a solo postcard campaign and with step #3 listed above, you’ll have the integration of digital as well.

Let our professional team help you from design, to print, to mail and start reaching your target audience today!