Facebook is NOT a website.

One of the biggest mistakes small businesses make is NOT having a website. If you do not have a website, consumers will automatically question the stability and credibility of your company. In most cases, they will keep looking for a company with a website, which means going to your competition instead of doing business with you.

AND, No! A Facebook page is NOT the same as having a website.

Does your business need a Website?

Take a look at some of these statistics and decide for yourself:

– 75% of consumers admit to making judgements about a company’s credibility based upon their Website design.

– 94% of a Website user’s first impression is design-related

– 85% of customers say they search the Web before making a decision to purchase

A professional Website can really impact your business with building a great reputation and increase business; however, a poorly-designed, out-dated, unmaintained Website can cost you customers and sales.

A Website is your company’s calling card, first impression, best version of a business card you could ever have.

Phonebooks are only used for doorstops or helping small children sit higher at the dinner table. Today’s phonebook is your Website, the ability to be found online.

If a company does not have a Website, consumers will quickly wonder if you are legitimate.

Don’t let your “good friend” or “family member” create a site that chases business away.

All of these concerns can be resolved with a cost-effective Website. They don’t need to be customized in every detail – there are many options that are available for every size of business.

St. George Website Design company

We can help create a Website for your business and also offer other solutions through companies that we support.

If you are looking for a Website and want to maintain your own control of it, we have options for you!

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– Design

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– Management

– Professional Content

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Search Engine Optimization can seem just as mythical as unicorns.

What is it? Why is it necessary? How can your business grow because of it?

To put it simply, SEO proves relevancy for your Web site to Google and other search engines. It is the goal of these powerful search engines to deliver the most authentic content and Web pages based on search inquiries.

SEO must be user-friendly as well as satisfy the ever-changing algorithms of the tech-minds behind search engines. Creating great, unique content, mobile responsive sites that load quickly, focusing on industry-specific keywords and as with any effective marketing/advertising – BEING CONSISTENT will help boost your ranking and online traffic.

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