Marketing to Millennials isn’t rocket science. However, it sure can feel like it at times.

That’s one of the concerns many business owners have in 2018 – regardless of the size of the company. After hearing some of their struggles and seeing of some of their patterns, I’ve put together some helpful strategies for small businesses to Market to Millennials in 2018.

Create an Omni-Channel Advertising Strategy

1. Social Media Changes the Can Hurt Your Business.

Don’t put all your marketing dollars into one basket. This will most likely be found on my epitaph. I can’t emphasize this enough and I keep emphasizing it because I want ALL businesses to find the success they desire. For those who have only focused on social media, beware of some MAJOR changes from Facebook just announced.

Many businesses can find that social media is a great tool for engaging consumers, and providing brand awareness, but it typically doesn’t drive lead volumes or sales for most businesses.

Matter of fact, Facebook just made some big changes to way business can be done on their platform in an effort to be more about people than business.

“The days of organic reach are definitely over. Businesses already have to invest in ads on Facebook to get their content in front of their audiences. But there will be fewer opportunities to buy ads, so the prices will be higher.”  – Blaise GrimesViorrt, Facebook & Social Media Expert

“Advertising will become the only way to get your messages through to people, and those that rely on Facebook as the only distribution channel will totally suffer.” – Meg Coffey, Social Media Marketing  managing director

Is it a component that should be a part of your marketing strategy? Yes.

Should it be the only thing a business focuses on or spends money on? No. Even more so now.

Expert Advice for Business on Facebook:

  • Publish less content via your Facebook page, but focus on more meaningful content that reinforces key brand messages.
  • Use Facebook advertising for awareness and promotions.
  • Stop posting any content with a link to your blog or website. You cannot rely on Facebook for traffic.
  • Go back to your community and produce content that encourages meaningful one-to-many discussions.
  • Produce more live videos (not pre-recorded ones).


2. Millennials LOVE Direct Mail

More than 50% of millennials ignore digital ads, while only 15% ignored direct mail. Experts say that these consumers are beginning to experience digital fatigue and are craving the emotional connection that comes from the tangible touches from businesses.

Here are more recently released statistics regarding this powerful consumer base and their reaction and relationship to direct mail:

Marketing to Millenials - Respond to Direct Mail Southern Utah Advertising.png



3. Create Emotional Connection…

This is what the Millennials, well, every generation craves. That was the driving force to the success of Facebook… staying more connecting to those you lost touch with, live away from – but, still Facebook can’t provide the emotional TOUCH of print media.

It feels good to get mail. You’ve been sought after to do business with that company.

It feels good to look through photos of a homes for sale online and start to visualize yourself living there.

If feels good to have a company respond to your comment online or to see the local pharmacist giving you helpful information about how to protect yourself from the Flu.

Those three methods above; mail, Web site for home, watching videos of your pharmacist are all ways to engage and create emotional connections to help target Millennials and create long-lasting customers for your business.

(Source for social media quotes and the expert advice tips for Facebook changes. USPS Study: “Still Relevant: A Look at How Millennials Respond to Direct Mail)

©Jill Hunt.

Marketing to Millenials - Response to Print vs Digital Ads Southern Utah Advertising.png