Are you a new business or one that has been around awhile and need to increase retail sales?

One of the reasons why a business can get stagnant in sales is that they failed to plan how to maintain consistent proper growth. With the variety of ways to reach consumers and using creative strategy with the help of professionals, businesses should work towards never experiencing a “slow time.”

This can be achieved using a variety of methods, but here I am listing 5 ways that businesses can increase their retail sales starting today:

1. People Buy Benefits First, Products Second. One way to promote the benefit over the product is to identify your ideal customer and create a list of all the benefits that they will enjoy using your product or service. This will map out how to promote yourself effectively.

2. Create a Competitive Edge. What does your product or service offer/have that is better than others in your field? HIghlight these differences in your advertising.

3. Be Seen — FREQUENTLY. If you drive by a store and their lights are off during business hours, you’ll (rightfully) assume that they are out of business. The same concept applies to businesses who are not active on social media and then suddenly start to flood it with content and ads. If you’re consistently in front of consumers, in print, online, social media, etc. you will not only be top-of-mind, but you’ll also see increase of sales because customers are seeing YOU and not your competition.

4. Create Your Own Event. There is always time to have a great sale, customer appreciation or a day or month to celebrate something. If you can’t find a holiday or celebration around your business/product/service —> CREATE ONE!  

Here’s a few that I just came up with:  

  • National High-five Your HVAC Guy!
  • Create Your Will & Trust Day!
  • Cute Animal Contest Day!

—> Options are endless. Be creative. It will create a buzz which will lead to an increase of sales if properly planned and promoted.

5. Create Urgency. Focus your pitch or ads to include special offers or limited time only discounts and promotions.

If you’re preparing for your ad in July — use ‘Hot Deals, Going Fast!’ or ‘Independence Day Sale July 2-6th & Pioneer Day Sales Event (or other state-specific holidays).