While 2020 has been a wild and crazy ride, there are VERY few of us who will let our holiday traditions be interrupted. Yes, there may be some adaptations going on, but we’re not canceling the holidays. Matter of fact, consumers may be welcoming them with open arms and very open wallets.

Here are a few Holiday Shopping Trends to be in the lookout for (and prep your advertising for) for this 2020 season!

  1. If you haven’t already started sales campaigns or special promotions you’re behind the curve. Holiday shopping was underway before the first day of Fall. With more online orders or local pick up options available, if you have the right prices, the shopping is beginning. Draw people into your stores with even deeper discounts than they can get online. Many retailers online offer things like FREE Shipping on orders, however, it is extremely easy for a consumer to stick to a budget when shopping online rather than the emotional buying that can be done in a store. So, go aggressive, but save the BEST sales and promotions for shoppers INSIDE your stores!
  2. Small Pop Up Boutiques: to avoid big gatherings, you may notice an upward trend in smaller, pop up boutiques or outdoor/indoor shopping venues where smaller community based companies can sell their goods. Consumers who have focused more on supporting small and local businesses these past six months may continue to do so in choosing where to spend their holiday shopping budgets.
  3. Meet consumers where they are comfortable. This will be crucial for businesses planning their holiday advertising strategies during this unusual time. Some consumers will want to continue to have their in-person shopping experiences and all the emotions and nostalgia that comes from stores at Christmas time. However, some consumers want to stay home, stay safe and home shopping may be their only option. You can reach consumers in their homes with effective direct mail campaigns that lead them to your stores or direct them to shop online. Regardless of where they choose to shop, it is best to be prepared to reach them both ways, wherever they are comfortable. Make sure your digital marketing strategies are set up properly so that you can capture the consumer when they go to your website and continue to remarket to them throughout the holiday shopping season.

If you need help with planning your holiday advertising strategies, please contact us and set up a free consultation today!