What are the common mistakes made my many small businesses? Stopping advertising or under-advertising.

There is POWER in CONSISTENCY! Why be consistent? Well, would you expect to run a marathon with only running mile as your only training? Not unless you want to suffer through the long marathon race and possibly do damage to your untrained body. Right?!

Here are 5 Reasons to Advertise Consistently… to keep the momentum and training to get your business off the ground or take it to a new level:

1. Build New Business: With the increased growth going on in St. George, UtahWashington County, Utah and Cedar City, Utah – there are PLENTY of people who have never heard of your business or experienced your unique products or services. You need to be a constant presence in the community to continue to reach new business.

2. Stay Ahead of Competition: You need your share of local business. Cutting your advertising reduces your presence in the marketplace.

3. Top of Mind: Once you stop advertising, you will lose awareness of your brand and business services. You will likely be starting from scratch building your name again which is tougher than just deciding to be consistent.

Remember, different types of businesses will receive different ROI. Restaurants will always receive a quick and abundant amount of leads/coupons because everyone needs to eat, multiple times a day. However, if you are a real estate agent, homes are purchased once every 10-15+ years and carry a much larger price tag. Keeping your name and face in front of consumers will make you TOP OF MIND when it’s time to buy or sell.

4. Market Credibility: Advertising consistently shows consumers that your business is doing well and that makes it easier to trust you and do business with you. You are stable, not just here one minute and gone the next. *This is especially important for the high price-tag items and commitments.

5. Measuring Growth: Advertising over an extended period of time (recommended min. of 6-9 months) with solid call-to-action offers/promotions allows you sufficient time to measure rate of response, see how well you’re targeting your audience and to see if consumers are responding and you’re increasing in sales.

We understand how consistency will build your business the right way. Let our St. George advertising company help you start getting the results you need to increase sales.